GeoRegio EMR

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Digital teaching materials for your euregional lessons.

A multimedia geography textbook created with euregional themes that are coordinated with the respective framework curricula of the five sub-regions of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Exploring the city of Liège in French lessons? Design a lesson on volcanism in the Eifel? Organise an excursion to South Limburg? In future, the GeoRegio EMR will enable you to teach interactively across national borders.

The GeoRegio EMR is available in German, French and Dutch and promotes not only geographical, but also neighbour language, intercultural and digital competences among pupils. You can use the textbook not only in geography lessons but also across subjects, such as in foreign language or bilingual lessons, and draw on a variety of authentic sources (audios, vlogs, videos, press articles, etc.).

Thanks to differentiation, it can be used across grades 5 to 13. Pedagogical-didactic handouts support you, for example, in map work on the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine or in using the multimedia elements of the digital textbook.

The GeoRegio EMR can be accessed online at this point.

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